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Welcome to our online store! We carry exclusive Stratagem Trading strategy videos, eBooks and manuals written by our retired floor trader/fund manager class instructors who are leading experts in the field. Our textbooks and materials both dovetail perfectly with the online Practical Option Tactics courses.

Experience what a trading manual should look like. Our proprietary material written with a step-by-step criteria format/recipe makes even the most professional and sophisticated strategies easy to understand and implement. Treat yourself to the best and invest in your future.

ViPar: Taking a Bite Out of Volatility

Discover Stratagem Trading’s unique approach to pair trading. This textbook (~400 pages), will explore the intricacies of the implied volatility as it relates to the S&P500.


By a slight manipulation of strike prices, one can create a directional position where you only have to be right for a short period of time. Once the underlying moves one or more strike prices, the trader can adjust the position to create a trade with little to no risk.


A truly innovative way of hedging a stock portfolio or taking a direction stance (without an existing position), this technique is presented to teach you how to gain a large amount of protection, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional hedging techniques.


How to Survive a Market Crash

If you are serious about increasing your wealth through trading, why would you leave yourself, your family, and your retirement fund vulnerable? This mini-course is a step-by-step guide that will help you reduce risk, and even thrive in the face of troubling market times.


Learn the concept and criteria of the Call-Instead-of-Stock strategy. Many people have learned how to do this the wrong way and needlessly thrown away HUGE money attempting it on their own.  In this eBook and companion class video you will learn the correct way to use an in-the-money call to replace stock.


The 5-Year Millionaire is a unique form of the Collar where the focus is on selling high option premium rather than depending on stock movement.  The eBook and course videos explain how the 5-Year Millionaire strategy works and provide step-by-step detailed criteria for entering and managing this powerful strategy. 



Frustrated by traditional butterflies? By trading a marginal amount of market risk for dollar risk, the Broken Wing Butterfly acts much like a butterfly without the cost. Not familiar? You owe it to yourself to learn this strategy, see if it is for you, and include it in your trading tool box for just the right situations.