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StratagemTrade offers free classes during months where we have no other committed events. This is to bridge possible knowledge gaps or provide a refresher for students to better understand and enjoy our more advanced materials.


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This 2.5-hour course is skillfully and purposely constructed to slowly walk the student through the basics of Risk Reversals.  You will learn the definition and original uses for Risk Reversals, the limitations of the vertical spread and how the Risk Reversal solves them, and the construction of bullish and bearish Risk Reversals. Our step-by-step criteria for entering Risk Reversals, complete with detailed diagrams, include picking the stock or index, choosing the right option strikes, evaluating the variables affecting the trade setup, adjusting strikes, and planning the exit.

Discover how to flip a bullish (or bearish) Risk Reversal to neutral to greatly reduce or even eliminate risk, and how the Advanced Risk Reversal builds on the basic Risk Reversal strategy (an introduction).  As you learn how to put these building blocks together, the objectives and criteria on finding good Risk Reversals are discussed, and you will further know how to enter, hedge and exit this powerful strategy.

This 2.5-hour class takes the student step-by-step through the five option Greeks. Having a general understanding of how the Greeks affect the price of an option will help you better understand and learn option trading strategies.

You will learn the history of options and the Greeks, the definitions for the five Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho, and how each Greek works to affect option pricing using detailed examples.

Discover which among the Greeks is the most powerful and the weakest.  Learn how to interpret the Greeks displayed in the broker's option chain, how Theta works in a Time Spread and how to estimate Delta using only option prices. The normal distribution curve is also discussed and how it applies to option Greeks.

This 3-hour class recording will expand your knowledge on how options and stock are synthetically related and how to apply Put/Call Parity to real trading examples. Understanding Synthetics and Put/Call parity is one of the most rudimentary and important concepts in option trading—yet, most traders struggle with the simple concept.

Learn the three basic building blocks of trading (calls, puts, and stock) and the six synthetics and how any two building blocks create the third.  The class also discussed using synthetics to evaluate the covered call and naked put, and how to leg into synthetic calls, puts or strangles.

What is the definition of Put/Call Parity? You may have heard that term before, but not understood what it really means.  Discover how to apply Put/Call Parity to determine the fair price of an ITM (in-the-money) option when the bid/ask spread is very wide.
Short Fly Example

This is live class recording illustrating a Practical Short Fly Example.  Bought at $0, sold at $2.


We hold these free classes in the hope of assisting students bridge any knowledge gap in order to understand/enjoy our more advance materials. These classes are available to you for $0.

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