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We are a financial education company that specializes in teaching stock, option, index, and futures trading strategies to students who are interested to trade like the pros. We provide classes, webinars, seminars, books,  and workshops—complete with proprietary materials—to meet each individual’s level and goals. Considered the best in the industry, our instructors are retired floor traders or fund managers with decades of combined trading and teaching experience.

How are we different? Most firms we have seen will do a vast amount of trades, and then just talk about the winners. NOT STRATAGEM. In our Practical Options Tactics (POT) class, we average a couple trades (or adjustments) per day. Our POT students see every trade from inception, to adjustments, to close. Win, lose or draw. There is no CHERRY PICKING of just winners, and then showing off like peacocks.

Our team of retired floor traders and money managers are not embarrassed showing you what we are doing. We believe that showing how we deal with a losing trade is often a better learning tool than just showing off the “lucky winners”. Transparency gains trust.

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What people are saying about us...

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You are at your best.  The presentation was fun because of the quality, and informative because of the content.

You have gotten favorable reviews from experienced guest attendees. I am conveying invitations to potential subscribers.  

Robert K. from TX

Just want to share this with you, I followed your [class] instruction.

The information [I learned] is already worth the one-year training cost.  

Thank you very much.

Alvin C. from IL

Scott, you are the MASTER. I loved ALL of the books you write under the J.L. Lord name, and was a HUGE and dedicated fan of POT.

I will follow you into war, as I know you will have a way out. Sign me up for anything you do, just keep doing it!

James N. from CA

You are born to be not only to be a great trader and pilot, but also a legendary teacher. Your dedication to write more explanation is much appreciated. I am becoming a better option trader because of you. Thanks, Thanks Thanks.

D. R. From MN

Managed by Scott (a.k.a J. L. Lord), former lead instructor of Optionetics, Random Walk Trading and TradeSecrets.

As a retired floor trader, Scott brings extensive experience and expertise in educating others how to trade. He rose to prominence as the lead instructor/head trader for option education companies such as TradeSecrets, Optionetics, and Random Walk, and has spent over 15 years teaching thousands of students the subtleties of stock, commodity, currency, index and option trading. Among his many accolades and accomplishments, Scott has authored over 15 books, textbooks and course manuals under the nom de plume J.L. Lord.