Mini Courses

Stratagem Trading offers one or two day courses (4 to 8-hours per day) on specific topics and/or trading strategies from time to time. These courses are designed to address and prepare for anticipated market events (such as the Crash Ready course), or to present in-demand strategies, which maybe of interest to a wider public audience. Topics range from basic to advanced.
Amy Meisnner

Two of the Best Instructors in the Business Describing their BEST Collars Strategies.

Do you own stock, or wish you owned shares in a company?

Two of the best instructors in the option industry are collaborating on a Creative Collars class in what is the first joint-effort between these two highly respected traders.

For two solid days, Amy Meissner and Scott (a.k.a. J. L. Lord) will take you on a purposely led path from remedial through professional level collars, including the popular Triple Threat/Triple Return Method (CIS: Call Instead of Stock) and Five-Year Millionaire (5YM) strategies. Regardless of your level of sophistication, there will be new stock (and stock substitute) strategies never taught by either industry legend. This is the Alpha and Omega class on Collars.

Amy Meisnner

Amy Meisnner

Amy Meissner is a prominent figure in the world of options trading, celebrated for her expertise and dedication to empowering traders. With an options trading career spanning over 18 years, she is known for pioneering high-probability option strategies that generate consistent weekly and monthly income, all while remaining market-neutral and eliminating the need to predict market directions.  

As a renowned educator, Amy has conducted several workshops and courses, enabling countless individuals to master the art of options trading, all without the need to be tied to the computer all day.

Scott aka JL Lord

aka J.L. Lord

Scott (aka JL Lord) is a retired floor trader (CBOE) with over 20 years of extensive experience and expertise in leading others in their trading education journey on the subtleties of stock, commodity, currency, index and option trading. 

He rose to prominence as the lead instructor/head trader for option education companies such as TradeSecrets, Optionetics, and Random Walk.  His many accolades and accomplishments include authoring over 15 books, textbooks and course manuals under the nom de plume J.L. Lord.

This meticulously orchestrated class contains:

  • Two Days of Instruction (The class will be recorded.)
  • PDF of Class Slides
  • Call Instead of Stock eBook (30 pages)
  • Five-Year Millionaire Example, Worksheet and  eBook (45 pages)
  • Other Materials Distributed in Class
  • Bonus P.O.T. Classes

    • Collars Strategies Mini Class Primer
    • Shorting the Dividend Pool
    • Call Instead of Stock and Five-Year Millionaire


We know there will be many questions from participants after they go out in start playing with their favorite stock. The following month (date to be determined) Scott and Amy will host a 2-hour Q&A session. We will send out a link to submit your questions, and we try to prepare slides to answer them in the most clear and visual manner.

Included Topics

Creative Collars
(Remedial to Intermediate)

Married Put

Covered Call


Put Sale to Acquire Stock

Triple Threat/Triple Return Method 

(a.k.a. CIS: Call Instead of Stock)

Alternative Entry Methods

Dynamic Hedging & Maintenance
(Intermediate to Advanced)

Rolling Calls

Rolling Puts

Collar Rolling

Rolling when Caught

Zero Cost Stock Accumulation

5YM: The 5-Year Millionaire

Candidate Selection





New Take on Trade


Pair Trades

Spreading one stock against another (such as Coke vs Pepsi) is a tried-and-true hedging strategy many firms have an entire trading desk devoted to. An even more interesting, predictable and consistent strategy is trading one index against another. One of the best “pair” trades is the SPX (SPY) against the QQQ. 

The largest stocks that make up the SPX/SPY are the same that make up the QQQ index – AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, NVDA, GOOG, etc. This makes for a high degree of correlation and predictability between the two indexes. Obviously, the cost of buying and selling indexes can be prohibitive. Futures have their own complications associated with it. Creating a PAIR Trade with options, however, can be used to customize any risk characteristic and directional bias you can image or desire.

Explore all the possibilities of this powerful strategy with the full 10-hour recording and bonus classes, and master a a totally unique way of minimizing risk while creating opportunity.

$799 price includes:

  • Class Recordings (~10 hours)
  • Handout of Class Slides
  • Put/Call Worksheets
  • Introduction to Pair Trades Write Up
  • Actual 3-Leg Box Example Applicable for Alchemy, Day Trading, Hedging and Closing Positions
  • Bonus Class Recordings:
    • Student Questions
    • ViPars and ViPars Repair
    • Success and Jelly Roll

In the medieval times, Alchemy was the science of trying to turn base metals (lead) into noble metals (gold). This was the precursor to what we now know as Chemistry. We are doing the same thing in our Alchemy Trades.  Starting with a trade that has risk, you will learn how to add a different spread to end up with a position that is golden. This is how successful floor traders hone down risk in a sophisticated manner to increase profit potential and lower risk/cost.

$799 price includes:

  • Class Recordings (~10 hours)
  • Handout of Class Slides
  • Alchemy Spreadsheet
  • Actual 3-Leg Box Example Applicable for Alchemy, Day Trading, Hedging and Closing Positions
  • Bonus Class Recordings:
    • Call Spread = Put Spread
    • Box Spread
    • BWB and Unbalanced Set-Ups
    • Moving Positions when Caught in an Unbalanced Condor and Stuck-Alchemy

$799 price includes:

  • Class Recordings (~7 hours)
  • Live Market Class Recordings (~8 hours)
  • P.O.T. Class Live on Day Trading(~5 hours)
  • Handout of Class Slides
  • Trading Spreadsheet
  • Actual 3-Leg Box Example Applicable for Alchemy, Day Trading, Hedging and Closing Positions
  • Bonus Class Recordings:
    • Greek and Unbalanced Birds
    • Box Spreads
    • Hedging with Futures
    • BWB and Unbalanced Set-Ups
    • Student Questions
    • Making Markets
Take a Bite Out of Volatility

This mini class is a great start for understanding Volatility Pairs trading. The Vipars™ mini-class covers everything needed to implement the strategy and is not a teaser to sell other product.  For more information on Vipars™, read more about the strategy here.

Many students start here and if they have huge success with the strategy and want to specialize in this powerful strategy, then they can always contact the office to upgrade to the full 3-day package.

$999 price includes:

  • Class Recordings (~13 hours)
  • Handout of Class Slides
  • Write up on a live trade example
  • Bonus Class Recordings:
    • Live Market Class on Synthetics
    • Students' Mistakes

Text book only: Taking a Bite Out of Volatility Pairs ($999)

Dragon Fly Spread and Synthetics

$799 price includes:

  • Class Recordings (~13 hours)
  • Handout of Class Slides
  • Bonus Materials: Three-Legged Box, Butterfly Inception Illustration
  • Bonus Class Recordings:  
    • Short Butterfly and Condors
    • Broken Wing Butterfly
    • Box Spread and Dragon Fly
    • Dragon Fly Buy and Sell
    • Dragon Fly Intro
    • Creative Dragon Fly
Unbalanced Birds

Unbalanced Birds is a collective name for BWBs, Unbalanced Condors, etc. This is THE class on unbalanced birds and the physics behind making it a successful strategy, especially for 0- and 1-DTE trades.

This is a must have class for anyone serious about making money with overnight and same-day “risk-spreads” designed to take advantage of the time decay curve. Covering every details from entry, maintenance, adjustments, and closing—nothing is left out.

$599 price includes:

  • Class Recordings (~7 hours of instructions, ~2 hours of preparatory class)
  • Handout of Class Slides
  • Unbalanced Birds Criteria Write Up
  • Case Study Examples
  • Post Class Example
  • Bonus Class Recordings:
    • Unbalanced Birds
    • Unbalanced Condors
    • Broken Wing Butterfly
    • Unbalanced Set-Ups
Newton's Cradle and Short Fly

When you see a short butterfly being hedged with a cheap vertical spread and the risk-graph goes from have large risk to no-risk and a long vertical at completely different strikes, it looks like a Newton's Cradle game. 

Creating a short butterfly (or condor) can be a very favorable alternative to closing out a vertical spread that is moving the wrong way.

$799 price includes:

  • Class Recordings (~12 hours)
  • Handout of Class Slides
  • Bonus Materials: Three-Legged Box Example (7 pages) and Layer Spreads (17 pages)
  • Bonus Class Recordings:  
    • New Game Plan
    • Live: 3-Legged Box
    • Box Spread
    • Newton's Cradle and Short Fly Primer
    • Advanced Butterfly Sale
    • Practical Short Fly Example