Mini Courses

Stratagem Trading offers one or two day courses (4 to 8-hours per day) on specific topics and/or trading strategies from time to time. These courses are designed to address and prepare for anticipated market events (such as the Crash Ready course), or to present in-demand strategies, which maybe of interest to a wider public audience. Topics range from basic to advanced.

This class is presented because of a HUGE demand from people who want to learn all there is about the high-powered Razzle Dazzle. In our Practical Option Tactics (POT) class, we have been playing with a lot of these spreads in boring and trending market conditions, and it became obvious that this is versatile trade that people must have in their tool box to be mastered.

Imagine wanting to own a bullish or bearish vertical spread and the only thing holding you back is the fear of losing the initial cost outlay. What if you could lower the cost of the desired spread by 30 to 100%?

  • You you feel more comfortable buying vertical spreads with lower stress? 
  • How would this help your yearly trading results?

The customization and flexibility of this malleable strategy affords strategic customization to the nth degree.

Scott aka JL Lord

aka J.L. Lord

Scott (aka JL Lord) is a retired floor trader (CBOE) with over 20 years of extensive experience and expertise in leading others in their trading education journey on the subtleties of stock, commodity, currency, index and option trading. 

He rose to prominence as the lead instructor/head trader for option education companies such as TradeSecrets, Optionetics, and Random Walk.  His many accolades and accomplishments include authoring over 15 books, textbooks and course manuals under the nom de plume J.L. Lord.

What is Razzle Dazzle?

A Razzle Dazzle (RD) is simply a long (or short) “vertical roll” where the purchase of the further in time expiration long vertical spread is closer to ATM than the shorter term expiration short vertical spread. It is designed this way to have the long spread protect the risk of the short spread while also benefiting from time decay (theta).

What is special about the Razzle Dazzle is that it combines all the key elements of vertical spreads, diagonal spreads and times spreads. This makes for customization of trade that suits any market opinion. Then combine it with other strategies such as the DragonFly, BWB, Unbalanced Condors or Iron Condors, and you have something that can be fine tuned to the unique characteristics of options that you understand and enjoy.

This literally can be made into a delta, gamma, theta or vega bet depending the current conditions and your belief of what is likely to happen in the market. How cool is that?

With all this in mind, it is understandable why there has been so much mystery and confusion surrounding all the different ways we have played this strategy in POT over the years. It also makes sense why we can spend and entire 8-hour day having a very organized mini class that goes into specific criteria designed to help you create the best trade possible. 

Class Schedule

Morning Session | 9:00am CT  | 10:00ET | 5:00 CET        


Definition and Remedial Structure of a Razzle Dazzle

Setting Up Longer-Term Vertical

  • Strike Selection
  • Expiration Selection
  • Cost
  • Probabilities

Setting Up Shorter-Term Vertical

  • Strike Selection
  • Expiration Selection
  • Cost
  • Probabilities


Afternoon Session | 1:00pm  CT | 2:00pm ET | 5:00 CET   

Rolling Daily: Time Decay Multiplier
Managing the Trade
Closing Trade
Augmentation of Razzle Dazzle with Other Strategies, i.e. DragonFly, BWB, Etc.

BONUS Live Trade during the Week

Example 34 & 35 Clarification of Razzle Dazzle?
What is Razzle Dazzle?
Adjustments and Key to the Razzle Dazzle (2 classes)
Razzle Dazzle Bonus and New Rules
Time Spread/Condor Greeks and Razzle Dazzle Trade

StratagemTrade hosts mini-classes when our students ask for it, and it is too much information to be presented in our POT classes.

StratagemTrade's 6-Month Collar Study

The Class: Stocks and Collars

Every year in Scott's POT class he studies at least one collar position for a few months. This time around, he is doing a full 6-month project that comes with him doing a complete journal on the whole trade over the course of that 6 months.

On Friday, February 16, 2024, Scott started a long term collar on a stock (MRO) picked by the students through a vote. He will be managing the trade every day for six (6) months. As the trade progresses, he will be keeping a daily journal that will be printed and will be provided to subscribed students as a book at the conclusion of the class.

Many people have inquired if it is too late to enroll in the class given it has already started. IT IS NOT TOO LATE.

Given that this is a 6-month class, missing the first week is no different than missing a couple of days of school. We will be doing dozens of hedging strategies, buying more stock without adding capital, and other exciting things you have not read about—let alone seen real time.

Managing the Trade

DYNAMIC HEDGING: The Dynamic Hedging of a Collar is one of the most elegant and intricate events in protecting a stock given the near limitless setups that can be done. Furthermore, the hedges will need to be adjusted and carried along with the stock in order to maximize upside potential, use the puts to buy more shares, and maintain proper downside protection.

CALL: There are times when selling a call is called for and times when a call spread (sale) or no sale is preferable.

PUT: Depending on volatility levels and time until expiration, a butterfly, broken-wing butterfly (BWB), condor or vertical spread is preferable to owning a long put. As a matter of fact, there will be times when owning less puts actually offers more downside protection than being fully hedged. You heard that right. Though it does not logically make sense, we will be demonstrating such instances. During times of an extreme collapse in the share price of the underlying, the ITM put can be used to purchase more shares without further out-of-pockets costs/investment capital. Who else teaches this?

COMBINED: Over the course of 6 months, we will be having at least one (1) POT class a month dedicated to just the collar. This is going to be the MOST comprehensive Collar class we (or anyone) have ever done, and a must for anyone who owns shares they wish to protect.

Three (3) options on how to join for those who do not currently  have a Practical Option Tactics (P.O.T.) class subscription:

Practical Option Tactics

Option 1: Enroll in P.O.T. class for $299/month or for a biannual subscription of $1615. Enjoy full access to all P.O.T. trade examples, the StratagemTrade P.O.T. slack channel, email updates and End-of-Day summaries, weekly P.O.T. classes and its recordings, and other bonus materials Scott decides to give away. All the Collar Study materials are included. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PRACTICAL OPTION TACTICS CLASS HERE.

Option 2: For those only interested in the 6-month Collar Study, enroll in Collars Mini P.O.T. class for $159/month*.   Included are:

  • Access to a dedicated Collars Mini P.O.T. Slack channel to receive real time updates of the trade examples
  • P.O.T. updates regarding the Collar trade example(s), sent via email; includes Scott daily journal entries
  • One (1) P.O.T. class per month that pertains to Collars
  • Introduction P.O.T. class recording done on February 7 plus access to the live class on February 15 (and the recording)
  • Scott's complete journal (printed copy) at the end of the 6 months
  • Final bonus P.O.T. class wrap up

*This is an auto-renewal subscription
for at least 6 months to receive
the printed copy of the Collars Journal

Option 3: One-time payment of $858 (10% savings over monthly Mini P.O.T. subscription). It will have all provisions of the Collars Mini P.O.T. class.


For more information, CLICK HERE.

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