Mini Courses

Stratagem Trading offers 4 to 8-hour courses on specific topics and/or trading strategies from time to time. These courses are designed to address and prepare for anticipated market events (such as the Crash Ready course), or to present in-demand strategies, which maybe of interest to a wider public audience. Topics range from basic to advanced.

In the medieval times, Alchemy was the science of trying to turn base metals (lead) into noble metals (gold). This was the precursor to what we now know as Chemistry. We are doing the same thing in our Alchemy Trades.  Starting with a trade that has risk, you will learn how to add a different spread to end up with a position that is golden.  This is how successful floor traders hone down risk in a sophisticated manner to increase profit potential and lower risk/cost.

The investment in this course in undeniably worth its weight in gold, with one successful trade potentially paying for the class with knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

​July 16 – 17, 2022:
8:00am CST/9:00am EST to 12:00noon CST/1:00pm EST
BONUS: 1 hour example on Monday, ​July 18, during market hours


Two Half-day Online Classes (via GotoWebinar)
Access to the Class Recording for One Year
Copy of Class Slides
Bonus Trade Example
Free StratagemTrade Shirt for the first 10 registrants!

Course Outline

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