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As I have mentioned before, I seldom find that seminars, presentations or "expert advice" returns any $$, even a fraction of a percentage, of the fees they like to charge for the info they present. I guess over the years experience has made me become a cynical crusty old coote. However today, I want to let you know that I had the first direct $$ profit from attending the Wednesday POT class on the SPX. I used the Tetris metaphor, that Scott presented to us last night, to clean up a shortfall on an existing position that will result in one month’s POT fees being returned to me in profits. I FIND THIS CIRCUMSTANCE VERY ENCOURAGING! Scott has my attention now.

Jack Z. from Canada

I've always learned a lot from Scott's classes and continuing to learn as I've been following him and his texts for years. He's probably one of the best options instructors out there in terms of realistic expectations from trading options, attention to detail in how options behave (i.e. Greeks), trade adjustments when in trouble and positive real-world results (at least doubling the POT account every year). I'm glad he's still out there plugging away and teaching students!

Melvin D. from Virginia

In the long run, companies that succeed are those which understand, appreciate, and are flexible enough to accommodate ever-changing customer desires with available and limited resources. Customers like to believe they have input and that someone is listening. I'll give your team an A+ in that department.

Perry W. from Florida

There were really great info there—a good mix of theory and application. I really like the format and there’s really a lot crammed into the 2 hrs.

Sam D. from California

The course itself was absolutely fantastic; it’s definitely one of the best strategies I have learned so great job on figuring this stuff out. When the VIX is trading around its mean, this trade is the closest thing to the holy grail I have ever seen so you should be charging at least $10K for the course. If this was meant to be an introduction to pairs and volatility trading, then I can't wait to see the advanced stuff.

George D. from NSW Australia

THIS is the reason why I told you "Stratagem Trading's POT is the best investment I made in the last ten years"!

Andrea L. from Tuscany, Italy

Thank you for the excellent courses. I greatly appreciate Robert's, Rocco's and your perspectives and comments—yours, especially, since I know that you are the organizer and main preparer. Not only is the substance of Stratagem's presentations excellent, but the quality of the videos and the sound is also excellent. I am getting more into your stuff. I am doing more broken wing butterflies and getting more into your trades. I am reading your books and reviewing your videos. I am slow (!) but definitely getting more into it. And I am making money. Thank you very much for all of the time that you take with Stratagem.

Mike B. from Illinois

I am really enjoying the rich material and will restudy it. Great Ahaa moment on Scott's showing the importance of rolling up and out on different option combinations by comparing several differential spread pricing using the information in the option chain matrix to determine the optimum time to roll as the underlying price approaches and moves to and then beyond a strike which becomes at the money and then in the money!

Ian A. from St. Peter Port, Guernsey

I would like to thank you [Scott] so much for your dedication to teach us. Your update on the whole Rolling Thunder trade was awesome. Your explanation was very clear. You are born to be not only to be a great trader and pilot, but also a legendary teacher. Your dedication to write more explanation is much appreciated. I am becoming a better option trader because of you. Thanks, Thanks Thanks.

D. R. from Minnesota

Just want to share this with you, I followed your [class] instruction. The information [I learned] is already worth the one-year training cost. Thank you very much.

Alvin C. from Illinois

You are at your best. The presentation was fun because of the quality, and informative because of the content. You have gotten favorable reviews from experienced guest attendees. I am conveying invitations to potential subscribers. Very, very well done Scott!

Robert K. from Texas