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Stratagem does NOT offer auto trade. Case studies being provided are historical examples illustrating how a particular commodity, equity, index and/or option strategy could have been implemented. Stratagem Trading is not providing students with real time trading opportunities, nor giving investment advice. We strongly recommend that you consult with a licensed financial professional for all your financial matters.

Stratagem is acting SOLELY as an education firm. Any (real or practical/paper) trading done is for the sole and explicit purpose of illustrating the mechanics of a trade as an example. Most trading examples are done in a Paper Trading Account. Paper Trade accounts have distinct advantages and disadvantages from an actual funded account implementing real trades. One cannot assume that the examples being used would turn out the same had the trade been placed in an actual trading account.

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Trading and investing are both very risky endeavors. Never, ever, ever, risk more than you can afford to lose, as you probably will. Derivative products, such as call and put options, are highly levered products that have a great amount of inherent risk. Always consult with a professional adviser (not Stratagem) first. The use of certain brokerage firms for broadcasts and examples is NOT a recommendation to use said broker.

Practical Option Tactics Class: The Practical Option Tactics class is conducted online on a regular basis, and also has email correspondence on an almost daily basis. By participating in the Practical Option Tactics class, visiting our website, purchasing materials, and all other contact (written, verbal, telephone, online, Skype, etc.) you have agreed to the entire disclaimer here. You agree to hold Stratagem Trading harmless from any claim. Though Stratagem Trading strives for accuracy, we do NOT make any claims or representations about the accuracy of any product.

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